Desktop Support

Our team has been working with all types of desktop for more than 20 years. Started from original Apple computer to today’s high-end computational process unit and custom-builtĀ gaming devices. We can all deliver and satisfy the demand. We are happy to provide professional server as following:


  • Custom-built desktop. Our professional IT team can provide idea about what components and parts should be purchase and put together to best suit your need. Either you purchase them yourself and we put them together for you or we can order the parts and put together for you.


  • Virus and Malware. Nowadays, there are many harmful program that damaging the computer system or stealing information from the computer. We have long history of detect and destroy these harmful applications for our clients to secure and stop of the password or finance information of leaking out to the hackers.


  • Data Backup. The computers are consider reasonable pricing today. It is the data that is more valuable than the hardware. Do you know more than 60% of the American do not have their personal data and important file backed up? When hard disk failed or computer break down, all valuable data could potentially lost forever. We are here to help our client to make a schedule backup or contingency plan to make sure the data will not lost by accident and disaster.